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Making a Difference: Award Winning Math Teacher Changes the World One Student at a Time.

Like the book, this site is dedicated to all who greet each day with the aspiration to make a difference in the lives around them.

In particular, teachers, by the very nature of their profession, are called to such a purpose alongside the other unsung heroes of society including, soldiers, policemen, firemen, doctors, and mothers and fathers to name just a few.

This site also hosts a variety of educational products and services developed and written by award winning math teacher Sam “Cal” Calavitta.

Review by Cael Sanderson (Olympic Gold Medalist)

“Making A Difference: Award Winning Math Teacher Changes the World One Student at a Time” by Sam Calavitta and Monica Vaughan Calavitta is a phenomenal and very inspiring book. 

Sam Calavitta is one of the very best teachers in the nation.  He is extremely gifted and talented but the approach and philosophy he shares can be learned and implemented through hard work. I have read a lot of great coaching type books, and this one is as good if not better than any.  The only books that I would even put in the same category would be John Wooden and Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant’s books. I consider those two coaches as the two best in the history of sports. Mr. Calavitta’s book was easily equally as inspiring if not more to me.  For a coach, teacher, or someone that just wants to help people be the best they can be, this book will be priceless. Mr. Calavitta also has a strong background in the sport of wrestling.  He runs the Eternal Warrior Wrestling Camp in Montana every summer. You will love this book.  I will keep my copy of “Making a Difference” close by and study it often as I run through my coaching career.

Cael Sanderson (Olympic Gold Medalist)

Review by Johannes Bernbeck MD

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book, "Making a Difference".

I have tried to apply some of the basic principals from the Cal method in my own line of work. As a spinal surgeon I need to command similar attention, respect and focus from OR nurses and techs, which you require as a teacher. I try to approach each challenge from a positive perspective, even trying to change a possible negative into a positive. Every morning I have been making certain to greet each member of the staff with a smile, greeting them by name and trying to point out a unique positive quality about them. Sometimes I just express that I am lucky to have them working with me today. This includes the OR receptionist, the volunteers, the nurses and techs and the anesthesiologist. Lastly, I make sure to thank the patient for the awesome trust, which they have placed in me.

It is incredible what a positive bubble this creates around me. It is like a different culture in the workplace. It started just in my immediate operating room, but I see that it has spread throughout the department, and hopefully this will continue throughout the medical center. What a great way to approach a job, and particularly a job which requires leadership. Your book was truly inspiring.


Johannes Bernbeck MD

The reviews of Making a Difference: Award Winning Math Teacher Changes the World One Student at a Time have been humbly overwhelming. In fact, the publisher has even stated that, “this is the most meaningful book I have ever published."

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